Endless for big adventures

The Endless kayak is the second kayak from DesignKayaks and designed for the big adventures.

Endless if you want to go further and faster
From the very start it has been our intention at DesignKayaks to build a narrow but focused kayak assortment where every kayak has a clearly defined target group. Our first kayak Unplugged has been designed to meet the need of beginners and recreational paddlers. Our second kayak Endless is made for paddlers who wants to take it further and where speed is important.
Build on Experience
Both kayaks are designed by Søren Telling co-owner of DesignKayaks. He has more than 20 years of experience as kayak instructor and he has been leading week long kayak expeditions in some of the world’s most desolated areas.
The expeditions and countless multi-day trips are the solid foundation Søren brings in, but we have a strong believe that more brains think better than one. Therefore, we started the design process by inviting a group of highly experienced and very dedicated paddlers who love to go out on multi-day trips. This gave us a lot of good ideas and helped us define the overall principals for Endless.
Endless design principals
Designing a kayak is always a compromises. If you make it faster it impacts stability, if you make it easier maneuverable it impacts tracking and so on and so on. Therefore, it is extremely important to clearly define what should this kayak do and who is it for?
With Endless we wanted to design a kayak perfect for multiday trips. To do this we have worked with the following 3 headlines:
  1. Speed: It has been absolutely essential to create a fast kayak allowing the paddler to go far and fast.
  2. Comfort: No matter if you go on multi-day trips or an intense one day paddle comfort is highly important.
  3. Pack Volume: Endless has lots of space for gear and large oval hatches makes it easy to pack.
Who and what is the Endless kayak designed for?
When designing the Endless kayak we had the more experienced paddler in mind. The paddler who knows how to maneuver a kayak and someone where stability is not a key parameter. Can you paddle Endless if you are new to kayaking? Most likely yes, but compared to Unplugged it will require more from you.
If Endless is the right choice for you is also a matter of how you like to paddle. It is made with multi-day trips in mind, but it is also the obvious choice for exercise because it is a high performance kayak. If you are more into waves or practicing technique Awesome is a better choice.
Want to know more about Endless?
You can read all about the design choices and get the specifications of Endless on ‘the Endless page’ or read ‘the Endless review’ from the Norwegian paddle magazine paddlesiden.no

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Endless for big adventures

The Endless kayak is the second kayak from DesignKayaks and designed for the big adventures....