Explore South Africa by Sea Kayak

From the moment we first set foot on South African soil, we have been enchanted by the nature and the people.
If you too want to experience the adventure, then join us on the very first DesignKayaks tour, and explore the nature of South Africa up close, together with David Tetzschner and Søren Telling. The kayak tours are divided into two categories: “Sea Kayak in the Surf” and “Paddling in Nature”.


7 days of unique experiences

Day 1: Arrival, Hike in the National Park, and Accommodation
Day 2: Kayak Setup, Paddle Tour, and Pool Time
Day 3: Full Day Kayaking Adventure
Day 4: DesignKayaks Factory Visit and Safari
Day 5: Full Day…

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Tour Details

Where: Wilderness, South Africa
When: 2.-8. March 2024
Guides: David Tetzschner, Søren Telling & Christian Johnsen
Accommodation: Shared Twin room
Max groups size: 12-14 participants
Guaranteed to Depart: 6 participants 
Price: EUR 2.250  /  USD 2.450 


2.-8. March 2024

The foundation for this journey was laid when David Tetzschner and Søren Telling visited South Africa in 2021 to test the prototype of our kayak model ‘Awesome.’ Since then, we’ve explored various paddling opportunities, discovered other attractions, and secured access to the most exquisite lodge in the area. Now, we’re ready to welcome you to join us on this adventure!”


What is included?

What is included in the price?

  • 7 days/6 nights
  • Shared double room accommodation
  • Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner*
  • Airport transfers
  • Rental of sea kayaks
  • Guided kayak tours
  • Full-day safari trip
  • Wine tasting
  • Factory visit

What is not included in the price?

  • Flight ticket
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Dinner at safari
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
The tour will be conducted with a minimum of 6 participants. Single room accommodations can be added for 500 Euros. *Restaurant visits during the safari are not included.


Can everyone join in?

YES! There will be two levels on the tour. If you have regular kayaking experience, you can participate in “Paddling in Nature”. If you want to participate in “Sea Kayak in the Surf” it requires a 4-star level or equivalent of you (BCU/ACA/IPP). 
Padling in Nature: Trips on calm waters inland and along the coast. Anyone with basic experience of sea kayaking can join. These tours will be guided by Søren Telling & Christian Johnsen. The daily paddling distances ranging from 10 to 20 km.
Sea Kayak in the Surf: Only for experienced paddlers. The Indian Ocean provides constant waves and surfing opportunities, requiring a high level of skill from everyone in the group. David Tetzschner will be the guide for this group, which can have a maximum of 6 participants.
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Need to know

Visa: Individuals with a European passport and citizenship do not need to apply for a visa. However we do advise you check rules for entry at the nearest South African embassy.
Insurance: You must have travel insurance that covers you in South Africa.
Flight: You are responsible for booking your own travel to and from the city of George in South Africa. There are good connections from international airports in Europe to Johannesburg and Cape Town with airlines such as KLM, Swiss, and Lufthansa. There are several daily flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to George.
Organizer: DesignKayaks South Africa is the organizer of the trip and takes care of all the practicalities in South Africa. 
Language: English
Currency and Payment Cards: Payments are made in the local currency, ZAR. International payment cards are accepted in most places. 
Payment: The trip must be paid for within 10 days after registration to DesignKayaks South Africa via bank transfer in Euro or Dollars. After your registration, you will receive further information about payment, a packing list, and inspiration for choosing your flight route via email. Your participation is only confirmed once your payment is received. We have limited spots available on the trips. We do advise you not to book international flights until the tour is confirmed.

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By signing up here we will send your details and request to DesignKayaks South Africa. You will be contacted shortly with more information about the trip and details for the trip. Please note your trip is not confirmed until we have received your payment and at least 6 people have signed up for the trip.

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Western Cape South Africa

We are located in the beautiful Wilderness area, situated in the heart of the famous Garden Route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Here, you’ll also find the DesignKayaks factory, which we naturally must visit during the trip to see how the kayaks are manufactured.
The magnificent scenery includes forested mountains teeming with wildlife, vast beaches that attract surf tourists from around the world, and plenty of sights and attractions. We highly recommend extending your journey and perhaps visiting the wine regions outside Cape Town. We’d be happy to assist in connecting you with a local travel organizer with whom we collaborate.
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Kayaks and Equipment

Your Kayak is a DesignKayaks

Naturally, we paddle in DesignKayaks during the trip, and you have the opportunity to choose the model that suits you best. We also provide spray decks, PFD, and paddles for the ‘Paddling in Nature’ level. If you are participating at the ‘Sea Kayak in the Surf’ level, you will need to bring your own equipment for the ocean.
The length and duration of the tours are planned in collaboration with the guides and will be adjusted according to the weather conditions. Especially the sea can be challenging at times, so we may need to travel between different spots depending on the conditions. Paddling on rivers and lakes is always possible, and it should be mentioned for clarification that there are no crocodiles in the area.