The guide to sea kayaking

Become the one to go to when it comes to all the basic stuff about a sea kayak. Questions about hull shapes, skegs, rudders or choosing the right apparel? – We have all the answers for you right here.


The parts that make up a sea kayak

All the parts described by name and function

Design and characteristics

What does width, lenght and hull shape matter?

The materials

Is composite, 1-layer or 3-layer plastic best for me?

Become a DesignKayaks dealer

DesignKayaks is a Danish sea kayak brand: Stunning colors, exceptional performance. Unmatched value for money for you and your customers. Our model range consists of three models designed to meet different demands. They apply to everyone from new paddlers, exercise and touring paddlers all the way to instructors, technique and surf aficionados.

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Meet the people behind DesignKayaks

We have put a lot of thought, care and love into the design of our kayaks. And it all comes from years of experience and “getting our hands wet”. Søren Telling is the man behind the boat design and Hanne Telling – with her many years of experience from LEGO is the woman behind our unique business and colour concept.

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Our factory

Passion seeps through every step of the process when we make our sea kayaks. Our factory is located in the city of George in South Africa and with our modern roto moulding techniques we produce our high quality 3-layer PE sea kayaks in a well engineered and computer controlled environment.

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