Endless Seakayak

Speed and efficiency! Endless is a fast slim kayak with extra comfort making it perfect for exercise and longer tours.  

Endless Seakayak

Speed and efficiency! Endless is a fast slim kayak with extra comfort making it perfect for exercise and longer tours. Endless is a good match for you if you already have some experience with paddling or just like to challenge yourself. 

6 cool colour combinations

Customize hull, lines, bungy and hatch colours 

The specs




520 cm

530 cm


50 cm

52 cm

Front Deck

28 cm

32 cm

Rear Deck

23 cm

25 cm


24 kg

26 kg

Cockpit: W 43 cm / L 79 cm

Endless overview

Length and width

One of the most beautiful touring kayaks out there

We made Endless with inspiration from surfski and sprint kayaking and that resulted in a sea kayak with a long, slim design and a stunning appearance.

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Height measurements

Efficiency! Stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke…

Endless has a low front and rear deck allowing you to paddle totally unobstructed and efficiently. With a low profile like this tracking becomes a blast since Endless is very little sensitive to wind.

Why is keeping a low profile so important?

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Material and weight

Durable yet lightweight

With its strong and rigid 3-layer PE construction we have reached a weight of only 24 kg (regular) – and that means that you can easily pack for longer trips without the kayak making up for too much of the combined weight.
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Cockpit size and shape

Uncompromising comfort for the long trips

We made you a super strong carbon seat and a seat rest that can be adjusted from within the cockpit using the unique click-system. We designed the thigh braces with inspiration from whitewater kayaks which gives you extra legroom even with the low profile front deck. All in all our aim has been uncompromising comfort for the long trips.
Why cockpit size is so important …
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Hull shape and rocker

Not just fast, but maybe the fastest …

We put a lot of effort in giving you a really fast kayak. And that is why the Endless’ waterline makes up for 92% of the full length of the kayak. In combination with the round hull shape and a moderate rocker we actually believe that we might have created one of the fastest sea kayaks out there.
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Hatches, compartments, lines & bungees

Plan, pack, paddle

The details of the Endless makes it obvious that it’s made for longer trips. Large oval hatches make stowing gear easy – and Endless a day hatch just behind the cockpit. If you need an extra front deck “glove compartment” you can buy a 3.5 liter Day Box from Kajak Sport as an add-on. It is also possible to add a rescue system and the P70 Silva compass – all add-ons that allow you to put together the perfect touring sea kayak.
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Make it your own

You can design Endless your way with lots of extras. Add an extra storage for easy access right in front of the cockpit or a lock to secure you boat. For safety you can add rescue system for easier self-rescue and a compass to help you navigate. For you comfort you can add a daybox in front of the cockpit for easy access. Endless comes with a skeg as standard, but if you need a rudder for the long trips Endless is prepared for rudder.

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Skeg system

State of the art with the Skeg System 4 from Kajaksport

Endless is fitted with the new “Skeg System 4” from Kajaksport. The system is operated by dyneema rope which is a simple, light, friction and corrosion free coupling. The control is placed at the hip making it easy to reach and ensures that it will not be a bother for those with long legs. If you are more of a rudder kind of person you can buy it as an add-on.
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Size guide

Endless is available in two sizes

Endless is available in two sizes: Regular and Large. 
Regular: Height 160-180 cm | Weight 55-80 kg 
Large: Height 170-200 cm | Weight 80-110 kg 
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Become a DesignKayaks dealer

DesignKayaks is a Danish sea kayak brand: Stunning colors, exceptional performance. Unmatched value for money for you and your customers. Our model range consists of three models designed to meet different demands. They apply to everyone from new paddlers, exercise and touring paddlers all the way to instructors, technique and surf aficionados.

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Our factory

Passion seeps through every step of the process when we make our sea kayaks. Our factory is located in the city of George in South Africa and with our modern roto moulding techniques we produce our high quality 3-layer PE sea kayaks in a well engineered and computer controlled environment.

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Meet the people behind DesignKayaks

We have put a lot of thought, care and love into the design of our kayaks. And it all comes from years of experience and “getting our hands wet”. Søren Telling is the man behind the boat design and Hanne Telling – with her many years of experience from LEGO is the woman behind our unique business and colour concept.

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