Terms and Conditions

Shipping terms

All international shipping is CIF (short for “Cost, Insurance and Freight”), the seller (DesignKayaks) delivers the kayak(s), cleared for export, onboard the vessel at the port of shipment in South Africa.

Shipping cost

DesignKayaks offers a flat rate of 200 USD per kayak for overseas delivery. The 200 USD per kayak fee covers only the delivery to the nearest international port.

The 200 USD does not encompass:

  • any additional costs such as duties, taxes, and tariffs
  • shipping from international port to your home adress

When does my order arrive?

The delivery time depends on the destination. Once your kayak(s) have departed from the South African factory, they will be shipped via sea. Sea deliveries typically take around 4-8 weeks to reach their destination.

Please note that customs clearance might lead to additional delays. 

How does deliver work?

We facilitate the journey from factory to a nearby port
DesignKayaks will coordinate a courier service on your behalf, ensuring that the kayak(s) you’ve ordered reach the nearest international port. This will be based on the address you provide to DesignKayaks during the order placement.
Prior to confirming the shipping arrangements, DesignKayaks will reach out to you via email. This communication will include details about the designated port for kayak shipment and an estimated delivery timeframe.
Navigating from the port to your ultimate destination
It is your responsibility to organize the transportation from the port to your final destination. As the recipient, you assume the role of the declarant and importer for the specific country to which the kayak is being delivered.
This entails overseeing customs clearance procedures and covering the costs of customs duties and local taxes as required by the destination’s regulations.


What about custom charges?

International deliveries are subject to taxes and tariffs which vary from country to country. These must be paid by the customer (you), so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with your country’s import rules beforehand.

To avoid extra costs and delays ensure these are paid in a timely fashion.

It is accepted by you that DesignKayaks has no control over additional charges in relation to customs clearance. DesignKayaks recommends that you check with your local customs officials for more information regarding importation taxes/duties that may be applicable to your online order.



The responsibility for risk and transportation is on DesignKayaks until the kayak(s) are unloaded at the port of destination.

Once the kayak(s) arrives at the port of destination the ownership and risk of the kayak(s) transfers from DesignKayaks to you.