Where DesignKayaks are made

Our factory is located in the city of George in South Africa. It is situated near the famous surf spot Victoria Bay in the middle of the scenic Garden Route. The factory is 100% owned by DesignKayaks International.

With modern roto molding techniques based on temperature control we produce high quality 3-layer PE sea kayaks. All stages are computer controlled and carefully monitored to secure a consistensy and high quality across all our models.

All kayaks are molded with a relentless eye on quality. Each model and color has its own unique program and specifications.

To ensure that the complex 3-layer molding is perfect, data is closely monitored by our expert manager at the factory, Jurgens Fourie.

With our carefully mixed recipes we are able to create both light, durable, rigid and beautiful sea kayaks in a wide range of colors.

We take pride in creating consistent and super high quality sea kayaks suitable for any conditions and waters around the world.

Making a high end 3-layer PE sea kayak is a complex proces where many factors need to be kept in check to get a perfect result each time.

While the computer is the core to secure high quality in the molding process it takes a steady hand and a keen eye to fit bulkheads, lines, bungees and a seat perfectly into a kayak. The assembly of our kayaks once the hull is molded is always done manually by one of our trained expert assemblers.

Even though many things can be controlled and managed by computers, Shanick’s skilled human touch is crucial when the hull is finished and the kayak needs to be assembled.

Our factory is one of the key elements in our business model. To lower cost in the supply chain for our partners around the world, they buy directly from the factory.

The kayaks are then shipped anywhere in the world from George. This means that we can bypass distributors and agents that would otherwise take a cut. This is the way we ensure that you get a high quality product.

Become a DesignKayaks dealer

DesignKayaks is a Danish sea kayak brand: Stunning colors, exceptional performance. Unmatched value for money for you and your customers. Our model range consists of three models designed to meet different demands. They apply to everyone from new paddlers, exercise and touring paddlers all the way to instructors, technique and surf aficionados.

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Meet the people behind DesignKayaks

We have put a lot of thought, care and love into the design of our kayaks. And it all comes from years of experience and “getting our hands wet”. Søren Telling is the man behind the boat design and Hanne Telling – with her many years of experience from LEGO is the woman behind our unique business and colour concept.

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