Awesome Sea kayak

Awesome is a playful and agile sea kayak made for the big water. It is targeted the playful and more experienced paddler. 

Awesome is a super agile sea kayak made for the big water. It is targeted the playful and experienced paddler and it’s the obvious choice if you are a kayak instructor.

2 cool color combinations

Customize hull, lines, bungy and hatch colours 

The Specs



475 cm


56 cm

Front Deck

32 cm

Rear Deck

26 cm


26 kg

Cockpit: W 43 cm / L 79 cm

Awesome overview

Length and width

Agile and easy to maneuver

Awesome is a relatively short kayak giving you the ultimate control and maneuverability especially in the surf zone.

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Height measurements

Voluminous hull

To achieve the perfect balance between maneuverability and buoyancy in the surf zone Awesome has a voluminous hull.  

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Material and weight

Ultra strong for extreme conditions

Awesome comes in a 3-layer PE kayak construction and to prepare it for more extreme conditions we have added extra material to the outer layer.

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Cockpit size and shape

Ultimate control

With the spacious keyhole cockpit, optimally placed thigh braces and the adjustable back rest, you achieve the ultimate freedom of movement even in the roughest conditions.

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Hull shape and rocker

Stability on track

Awesome has a quite a lot of rocker to prevent it from diving into the waves when surfing. The flat bottom gives it plenty of stability and the pronounced bow line keeps it on track when riding the waves.

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Hatches, compartments, lines & bungees

Colored hatches and plenty of room for gear

Deck lines and bungees are carefully placed and secured and bulkheads are sealed from both sides. The voluminous hull gives plenty of room for all your gear. 

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Make it your own

You can add extras to customize Awesome based on your needs. Add a lock to secure your kayak or a rescue system helping you get back in your kayak in case you capsize. It is also possible to add an extra storage compartment in front of the cockpit with space for snacks and other stuff you need easy access to. 

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Skeg system

No hassle skeg control

Awesome has a cord controlled skeg system from Kajaksport. The handle is placed at the hip making it easy to reach and ensures that it will not be a bother for those with long legs. The skeg housing is designed with extra support that keeps the skeg in check when it is in use. 
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Size guide

Awesome is available in one size

Awesome comes in one size fitting the medium to large size paddler.
Your height: 175-210 cm 
Your weight: 70-120 kg
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Become a DesignKayaks dealer

DesignKayaks is a Danish sea kayak brand: Stunning colors, exceptional performance. Unmatched value for money for you and your customers. Our model range consists of three models designed to meet different demands. They apply to everyone from new paddlers, exercise and touring paddlers all the way to instructors, technique and surf aficionados.

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Our factory

Passion seeps through every step of the process when we make our sea kayaks. Our factory is located in the city of George in South Africa and with our modern roto moulding techniques we produce our high quality 3-layer PE sea kayaks in a well engineered and computer controlled environment.

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Meet the people behind DesignKayaks

We have put a lot of thought, care and love into the design of our kayaks. And it all comes from years of experience and “getting our hands wet”. Søren Telling is the man behind the boat design and Hanne Telling – with her many years of experience from LEGO is the woman behind our unique business and colour concept.

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